MATS Documents and Time Table

28.09.2016MATS & LASPEC Meeting at the NUSTAR Week 2016 in York: Minutes (pdf, 458 KB)
01.03.2016MATS & LASPEC Meeting at the NUSTAR Annual Meeting 2016 in Darmstadt: Minutes (pdf, 161 KB)
30.09.2015MATS & LASPEC Meeting at the NUSTAR Week 2015 in Warsaw: Minutes (pdf, 622 KB)
03.03.2015MATS & LASPEC Meeting at the NUSTAR Annual Meeting 2015 in Darmstadt: Minutes (pdf, 183 KB)
23.09.2014MATS & LaSpec Meeting during the NUSTAR Week in Valencia 2014: Minutes (pdf, 12 KB)
05.03.2014MATS & LaSpec Meeting during the NUSTAR Annual Meeting 2014 at GSI: Minutes (pdf, 54 KB)
07.10.2013MATS & LaSpec Meeting during the NUSTAR Week in Helsinki 2013: Minutes (pdf, 384 KB)
20.06.2013Summary on Progress of MATS and LASPEC: pdf, 536 KB

NUSTAR week 2012
Daniel Rodríguez: Presentation (pdf, 4 MB)
Conference Website


Yu. N. Novikov et al.: High-precision method of measuring short-lived nuclides by means of developed
systems of ion traps for high-charge ions (MATS project)

Atomic Energy 112, 139-146 (2012)

28.02.2012MATS & LaSpec Meeting during the Annual NUSTAR meeting 2012 at GSI: Minutes (pdf, 23 KB)
17-21.10.2011NUSTAR week 2011
Alexander Herlert: Presentation (pptx, 11.4 MB)
Conference Website
30.06.2011Submission of MATS "Pre-Construction" MoU
29.05-03.06.2011Advances In Radioactive Isotope Science - ARIS 2011
Juan Manuel Cornejo: Poster presentation (pdf, 998 KB)
Conference Website
28.04.2011Decision on the financial support of the Russian part of MATS taken by Scientific and Technical Committee of the Rosatom (Russian funding agency).
03.03.2011MATS & LaSpec meeting during the NUSTAR week at GSI
21-22.02.2011NUSTAR India Collaboration meeting
Daniel Rodríguez: Presentation (pdf, 11.9 MB)
Conference Website
15.02.2011Submission of the new MATS MoU to the NUSTAR chair
19.11.2010Results from the election of the new MATS board
19.07.2010MATS/LASPEC TDR has been published as a Special Issue in the European Physical Journal Special Topics
14.06.2010Dissertation Jens Ketelaer:
"The Construction of TRIGA-TRAP and direct high-precision Penning trap mass measurements on rare-earth elements and americium"
07.05.2010Approval of the MATS/LASPEC TDR by the STI
12-16.04.20105th International Conference on Trapped Charged Particles and Fundamental Interactions (TCP2010), Saariselkä, Finland
Daniel Rodríguez: Presentation (pdf, 7.70 MB)
Conference Website
15-19.12.2009VIII Latin American Symposium on Nuclear Physics and Applications, Santiago de Chile
Daniel Rodríguez: Presentation (pdf, 9.87 MB)
Conference Website
05.-10.10.2009Dubna NUSTAR meeting
Daniel Rodríguez: Presentation (pdf, 9.81 MB)
23.09.2009Completion of the MATS & LaSpec Technical Design Report (TDR)
Technical Design Report (pdf, 7.27 MB)
23.-27.03.2009Annual NuSTAR Meeting 2009, GSI, Darmstadt, Germany
Workshop Website
Talk: Recent Developments for the future Penning Trap Mass Spectrometer MATS (pdf, 4.07 MB)
09.-10.10.2008LaSpec-MATS Collaboration Meeting, Matalascanas, Huelva, Spain
Workshop Website
Talk: MATS (overview of trapping facilities worldwide) (pdf, 1.86 MB)
30.01.2008LaSpec-MATS-Collaboration Meeting
GSI Darmstadt, Germany
30.01.-01.02.2008NUSTAR Annual Meeting 2008, GSI Darmstadt, Germany
Agenda (pdf, 20 KB)
Presentation (pdf, 1.85 MB)
Meeting Website
28.05.2007Spanish-German MATS at FAIR Meeting, Valencia, Spain
Agenda (doc, 23 KB)
Presentation (ppt, 265 KB)
21.03.-23.03.2007NUSTAR Annual Meeting 2007, GSI Darmstadt, Germany
2nd Announcement (pdf, 28 KB)
Meeting Website
08.-09.03.2007NeuMa Workshop 2007, GSI Darmstadt, Germany
"Neutrino mass determination by electron-capture"
Program (pdf, 52 KB)
23./24.11.2006Low-Energy Branch Workshop 2006
Seitenraum Hörsaal, next to GSI Foyer
Agenda (doc, 42 KB)
Frank Herfurth, GSI-Darmstadt: Presentation (ppt, 2.37 MB)
All talks of the workshop
19.-20.10.2006Workshop on Advanced Laser and Mass Spectroscopy ALMAS-1 Workshop: Innovative Physics Ideas
First Circular (pdf, 167 kB)
Workshop Poster (pdf, 1.25 MB)
Group picture from workshop ALMAS-1 (jpg, 860 KB)
18.10.2006LaSpec-MATS-Collaboration Meeting
Agenda (pdf, 13 kB)
22.-24.06.2006NUSTAR Annual Meeting-2006 at GSI Darmstadt
First Announcement (pdf, 11 kB)
12.06.2006NUSTAR Meeting of Spokespersons and Board of Representatives at GSI Darmstadt
NUSTAR-Organigramm (pdf, 44 kB)
15.12.2005Submission of the Technical Design Report (TDR) and a Executive Summary at FAIR
Technical Design Report MATS (pdf, 1.31 MB)
Executive Summary TDR of MATS (pdf, 39 KB)
21./22.09.2005Programme and Agenda of the NUSTAR Management Meeting at GSI, Darmstadt
NUSTAR Management Meeting (pdf, 39 KB)
15.07.2005Open day at the Institute of Physics at the University of Mainz
MATS Poster Presentation (ppt, 1.16 MB)
01.06.2005Evaluation of the Cost Estimates for MATS (CORE - Cost Review Meeting at GSI)
MATS Cost Estimates (pdf, 159 KB)
15.04.2005Evaluation of the MATS and NUSTAR Technical Proposal
NUSTAR PAC Report (pdf, 15 KB)
14.-16.03.2005Evaluation of the MATS and NUSTAR Technical Proposal (STI-PAC-TAC Meeting at GSI)
Presentation (pdf, 2.03 MB)
07.03.2005Poster Presentation of MATS during the Spring Meeting 2005 of the German Physical Society in Berlin
Presentation (pdf, 387 KB)
09.02.2005Oral presentation of MATS during the NUSTAR 2005 Workshop at GSI
Presentation (pdf, 914 KB)
15.01.2005Submission of the Technical Proposal (TP) to FAIR. The TP is available here:
Technical Proposal MATS (pdf, 1.99 MB)
13./14.11.2004NUSTAR Working Group Meeting at GSI
Presentation (pdf, 155 KB)
14.-16.06.2004Evaluation of the MATS and NUSTAR Letter of Intent (STI-PAC-TAC Meeting at GSI)
Presentation (pdf, 1.21 MB)
NUSTAR PAC Report (pdf, 78 KB)
15.04.2004Submission of the MATS Letter of Intent (LOI) within the NUSTAR Collaboration. The NUSTAR LOI and the separate MATS LOI are available here:
Letter of Intent MATS (pdf, 77 KB)
Letter of Intent NUSTAR (pdf, 10.97 MB)