NUSTAR member database

If you are interested in NUSTAR and would like to get information material on a regular basis, please follow the link below and register as a NUSTAR user. With this initial registration, your e-mail address will be added to the NUSTAR mailing list.

In order to become a member of a NUSTAR sub-collaboration, please choose in addition a group coordinator and request to become a member of one (or several) sub-collaborations. Your request will be subject to approval by the respective sub-collaboration spokesperson or collaboration board. As a member of a sub-collaboration you are automatically member of NUSTAR.

NUSTAR member database (use "NUSTAR" as login and key to access the login page)

Note, that you should update your profile as soon as there is a change of your affiliation, your email address, or any other profile data.

NUSTAR administration

Please follow the link below to enter the administration database of FAIR (restricted access).

FAIR Project Administration Web (PAW)

Instructions for registration

Please have a look at the PDF file and follow the instructions given.