Electron-ion collision spectroscopy of highly-charged heavy ions at the FAIR storage rings

Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen

The project is subdivided into three working packages:

1. Integration and commissioning (with ion beam) of a high-density free electron target with up to 12 kV electron energy into CRYRING. The ribbon shaped electron beam of the target interacts with the circulating ion beam of CRYRING under an angle of 90°. The works include the installation at CRYRING, the assembly of the data acquisition as interface for setting the target-specific parameters of the experiment during user operation, the commissioning and characterization of the target with stored ion beam as well as first experiments (FAIR Phase-0).

2. Construction and commissioning of two detector manipulators for single-particle counters detecting reaction products, which are produced in-flight from the circulating ion beam stored in CRYRING. Usually this corresponds to charge-changed ions, which are generated through ionization or electron capture, but also reaction products of nuclear reactions. One detection system for the ring inner side (ionization) and one for the ring outer side (electron capture), mounted in the CRYRING section after the dipole of the main experimental area were each applied for.

3. Realization and analysis of first precision experiments during FAIR Phase-0 at the experimental setup for electron-ion collision spectroscopy at the CRYRING electron cooler, which was constructed during the previous funding period, as well as simulation and preparation of 2nd generation collision spectroscopy experiments, which will profit ultimately from the two-ring operation ESR/CRYRING, e.g. ions in metastable states, radioisotopes etc.