DESPEC - DEcay SPECtroscopy

In the DESPEC (DEcay SPECtroscopy) experiment, the radioactive ions are slowed down to come to rest in a stack of highly segmented Silicon-based, implantation and decay detector system (AIDA). This system will be surrounded by a compact high resolution Germanium array, neutron detectors, fast BaF2 detectors and/or a total absorption gamma-ray spectrometer. A magnet for isomeric moment measurements is an additional option. Here, decay studies of dripline nuclei will be the core interest, in particular towards the neutron-rich r-process lines. It will also be possible to combine HISPEC and DESPEC for recoil decay studies, with DESPEC detectors being placed at the end of the magnetic spectrometer.


EUROBALL Cluster (7-) Detector Array

GALILEO - 3 Crystal Configuration

MONSTER - MOdular Neutron SpectromeTER

g-factor measurement at RISING