NUSTAR Annual Meeting 2024


From February 26 to March 1, the NUSTAR Annual Meeting took place at GSI. More than 150 registered participants on-site, as well as more than 50 participants connected on-line, discussed the present status of FAIR and NUSTAR. Especially the HISPEC/DESPEC collaboration re-iterated the scientific possibilties during the FAIR Phase-0 program at GSI and future operation of the detector systems at FAIR.

Main focus of this meeting was on the Early and First Science staging steps of FAIR and opportunities for NUSTAR to perform experiments during that time. In addition, the next "Program Oriented Funding (POF)" period at GSI was highlighted, as it will cover the commissioning phase and first years of operation at FAIR and is thus crucial for the support of NUSTAR activities at GSI and FAIR. 

With the construction of the buildings coming to an end, group visits of the construction site and experiment caves were arranged during the meeting. The participants were impressed by the progress and it was also a good opportunity to get a better impression of the environment where the experiments will be installed in a not too distant future.

Further information on the meeting can be found here.