Recap Grill and Chill 08.09.2023: A Delightful Evening with Students and ESN Darmstadt at GSI Helmholtz


On the 8th of September 2023, GET_Involved Programm, in collaboration with, summer school students, and ESN Darmstadt team, orchestrated an unforgettable evening at GSI Helmholtz. Grill and Chill wasn't just about enjoying delicious grilled dishes; it was a heartwarming gathering that brought together a diverse community of up to 90 people. The aim was to connect international students, celebrate Erasmus Day, and foster a sense of unity.

The highlight of the evening was definitely enjoying the delicious grilled dishes. As the sun goes down, the aroma of hot barbecue fills the air. Grill and Chill is about more than just food; this is also a great opportunity for students and ESN members to connect and engage in meaningful conversations. This event provides a comfortable setting for newcomers to meet fellow students, learn about local culture and share their own experiences. The event also has music that brings a vibrant feeling to the evening. The vibrant tunes made everyone dance. It's the perfect backdrop for creating lasting memories. Looking back, Grill and Chill September 8, 2023 was more than just a grilling gathering; it is the embodiment of happiness and solidarity that students and ESN Darmstadt share. The event provided a warm and inviting atmosphere, forging connections and creating memories.

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