GET_INvolved Georgia KIU Programme: First students from Georgia in Campus!


Meet Alexander Sainishvili and Ioane Devdariani, two driven computer science students hailing from Georgia's Kutaisi International University (KIU)

We are thrilled to introduce you to two remarkable computer science talents, Alexander Sainishvili and Ioane Devdariani, who are making significant strides in the realm of technology and science. Hailing from Georgia's prestigious Kutaisi International University (KIU), these individuals embody the spirit of innovation and dedication.

Both Alexander and Ioane share an unyielding passion for science and technology, which fuels their endeavors at GSI. Their collaborative efforts and remarkable skills have found a perfect home at this pioneering institution, where they are integral contributors to groundbreaking projects that impact our world.

The remarkable journey of Alexander Sainishvili and Ioane Devdariani reminds us of the incredible potential that lies within the next generation of computer scientists. Their partnership with GSI exemplifies the intersection of passion, expertise, and opportunity, resulting in the realization of technological advancements that will shape our future.

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