Hessen: Research Programme to host Refugees and Researchers at Risk


Are you seeking a funding to host and collaborate with exceptionally skilled researchers, including PhD students, who face the threat of persecution in their home countries? Look no further! Deadline: 15 August 2023


Our unique programme enables you to expand your academic group in collaboration with your university, creating a secure haven for researchers facing threats in their home countries. Originally designed to offer scholarships to exceptional university students and researchers with refugee status in Hessen, HessenFonds, managed by the World University Service, now extends its support to highly qualified researchers, including PhD students, facing persecution.

Requirements Simplified:

Hold asylum or refugee status for up to four years and a maximum continuous residence of five years in Germany by the funding's start. For follow-up applications, a separate explanatory statement is essential.

Target group:

  • For Students (Bachelor/Master or equivalent):

Enrolled in a state university within Hessen, with remarkable academic accomplishments. Your journey towards academic brilliance begins here.

  • For PhD Students:

Accepted as a PhD candidate at a state university in Hessen and exhibiting impressive academic prowess. We're here to nurture your research aspirations.

  • For Researchers:

With a guaranteed research or teaching position at a Hessian state university, and supported by a commendation from the same institution. If your achievements in research and teaching are exceptional, we welcome you to be part of our community.


The funding will be available from October 2023, extending through to September 2024.

The Hessen Fonds Scholarships for each position will vary and grant the following amounts for a period of 12 months: 300 Euro/month for Students; 1,200 Euro/month for PhD Students; 2,300 Euro/month for Researchers

Consultation at ICO:

Count on us to streamline the process and optimize your participation in the Programme. Through close collaboration with our University's international office, we ensure you're fully equipped to make the most of this opportunity. We can help coordinate this with you and prepare you to best benefit from this Programme with the partners in University.

Join us in fostering knowledge, innovation, and collaboration while making a meaningful difference in the lives of those who need it the most!

More information: