Call for Application: OCPC - Doctoral and Postdoctoral opportunities



The Helmholtz program with the Chinese Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security serves to consolidate projects between Helmholtz centres and Chinese co-operation partners from universities and research institutes. It is jointly administered with the OCPC, a governmental agency under the responsibility of the MoHRSS, and as a pilot project, it is initially scheduled for five years.

Types of scholarship and duration of stays:

The program enables the Helmholtz centres to integrate up to 35 postdocs in pro-jects they are implementing or intend to establish with partner institutions in China. The young scientists will receive funding and will be able to undertake research work at a Helmholtz centre (here: GSI including Institutes in Jena and Mainz) for up to two years in order to promote sustainable collaboration with the Chinese part-ners. After their research stay in Darmstadt (also Mainz and Jena), it is envisaged that the scientists will return to their home institutes and will continue to contribute their research competence to cooperation with their former hosts.

Length of research stay:  two years


  • The successful postdoctoral fellow shall be awarded a research grant of RMB 300,0001 for two years, equivalent to approx. € 1.718,22 per month2 to be used for subsistence allowance, for health insurance, and for travel expenses during the stay at GSI (or Institute).
  • A GSI fellowship of € 1500 per month from decentralised budgets of GSI (e.g. a host department’s/institute’s budget). Funding must be secure. The fellow-ships include insurance contributions and travel expenses while staying at GSI.


  1. GSI departments that are interested should contact GSI/FAIR - International Cooperations (ICO) by 06 March 2023 with a project proposal (contact person: Dr. Pradeep Ghosh).
  2. GSI - International Cooperations (ICO) will check whether the formal application requirements have been fulfilled and will forward the formally correct project proposals for OCPC to the Helmholtz Bei-jing Office by 08 March 2023.
  3. The HGF Office in Beijing will compile all the files from all the participating Helmholtz Centres and communicate them to OCPC.
  4. Interested candidates will inform the Chinese post-doc research station about their interest.
  5. Each postdoc station, in its own responsibility, will evaluate the candidates based on its own formal evaluation criteria.
  6. The proposed candidates are then finally reviewed by Supervisor at the Host-ing Department.
  7. OCPC will do the double check again on all Helmholtz decisions, present the list of the chosen candidates to the Minister, and very likely announce the final decision on its website by 31 July 2023.

Please submit the tentative project until 06 March to International Cooperation Office

Consultation and Check on Project and Candidate through International Cooperations Office - until 08 March 2022

Important change: In case you already have a candidate in mind, before speaking to a suitable candidate about an application within this Programme, the Work Programme, or home institution, an applicant must be assessed in accordance with foreign trade law. To perform this assessment, please contact us via International(at)

Contact and Consultation:
Dr Pradeep Ghosh
Head International Cooperations, International(at)