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Information on the Programme

Based on the multilateral agreement between Helmholtz Association and other Helmholtz Centers including GSI for a Postdoctoral fellowship is established. The programme is open to Chinese postdoctoral students who did not graduate more than five years ago and who are working in a research institute or a university in China. With a scholarship, they can research two years at a Helmholtz centre. Both Host centres of the Helmholtz Association and the Office of China Postdoctoral Council (OCPC) of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (MoHRSS) share the Scholarship.

Call for Helmholtz - GSI - OCPC Chinese Postdoctoral Fellowships 2021

HGF-GSI-OCPC, China - projects for 2021

Application for the following 15 projects are accepted now.

Eligibility to apply for this jointly funded fellowship Programme is limited to Chinese nationals who are either recent graduated with PhD or expecting to graduate soon. Please read for specific project related eligibility at the projects advertised on application page ->

Notification on MOHRSS- OCPC, China Page: (Dated: 18.01.2021)

Overview on the projects advertised for 2021:

Project CodeDepartmentProject titles
GSI001GSI-ALICEInvestigation of heavy-flavour hadron production with ALICE at the LHC
GSI002GSI-ALICETrack reconstruction and physics analysis with the first Time Projection Chamber read out  in continuous mode, in ALICE Experiment at the LHC
GSI003GSI-DetectorDevelopments of high rate Time-Of-Flight detectors for the FRS and Super-FRS and their  application in experiments with relativistic exotic nuclei
GSI004GSI-PANDADevelopment and Evaluation of the Barrel DIRC Detector Picosecond Frontend Electronics  for the PANDA Antiproton Experiment
GSI005GSI-CBMReadout chain for the CBM Silicon Tracking System (STS)
GSI006GSI-Atomics PhysicsAtomic Spectroscopy on Trapped Highly Charged Ions
GSI007GSI-PANDAMachine Learning Algorithms for PANDA Event Reconstruction
GSI008GSI-CBMDevelopment of the data processing framework for the frontier research experiment –CBM at Facility for antiproton and ion research
GSI009HIM-MAMAtomic sensors and Fundamental Physics
GSI010GSI-MaterialsHigh-pressure transformation of nanomaterials synthesized by ion-track technology
GSI011GSI-ACC/DECManipulation, capture and storage of heavy, highly-charged ions
GSI012HIM-MAMFundamental Physics, Atomic, Molecular and optical Physics
GSI013GSI-ACC/DECOperation and optimization of a low energy storage ring
GSI014IKP-N. PhysicsExperiments with the combined Wide-Angle-Shower-Apparatus (WASA) and high resolution fragment separator (FRS) Detector at GSI/FAIR
GSI015GSI-TheorySensitivity of kilonovalight curves to nuclear physics input


Application Portal

The application portal and guidelines on how to apply for the above Programme can be found at the website of the Office of China Postdoc Council (OCPC) ->
Please do not submit your application directly to the GET_INvolved application portal.  

Deadline for application: 30.04.2021

More Information

Programme Coordinator: Dr. Pradeep Ghosh (Email)

The Programme information about the present call are available at Helmholtz website – Beijing Office (in Chinese)

Past calls (2016-2020)


4 Postdoctoral Fellowships awarded.


5 Postdoctoral Fellowships awarded.


3 Postdoctoral Fellowships awarded.


7 Postdoctoral Fellowships awarded.


2 Postdoctoral Fellowships awarded.

About the Partner

Office of the China Postdoctoral Council (OCPC) of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (MoHRSS), China. The official webpage (in Chinese):