Stored ion beam in CRYRING@ESR


During the September 2017 beam time a major milestone has been achieved for commissioning the low energy storage ring facility <link https: cryring external-link-new-window external link in new>CRYRING@ESR. Single charged hydrogen molecules, H2+ ions, were produced in the local ion source, accelerated to 300 keV/nucleon, injected into CRYRING@ESR, stored and accelerated up to 1 MeV/nucleon. This is a major step on the way towards experiments at CRYRING with slow, heavy, highly charged ions as part of the FAIR Phase Zero physics program and beyond.

Since 2013 CRYRING@ESR has been installed as a Swedish in-kind contribution to FAIR. Besides its role within the FAIR physics program it serves as a test facility for FAIR technology, in particular the control system, which is also needed for the restart of SIS18 and ESR next year. It is also used for hands-on training of operators to get acquainted with the new control system.

This achievement was only possible, despite the limited resources, by close team work between colleagues at GSI/FAIR from all three divisions, research, technical and administrative, and trough the support by external partners, notable the Swedish science community, the SPARC collaboration, Polish in kind contributions, and the Helmholtz Institute in Jena.


F. Herfurth, M. Lestinsky