Statement on the war of aggression by Russia on Ukraine

4 March 2022

Researchers from all over the world have been working together for decades at the accelerators and experimental facilities at GSI and FAIR. They work to together on peaceful, non-military scientific objectives, independent of political, religious and ideological aspects.

We condemn the war of aggression of Russia and the breach of international law by the Russian government. That is why we fully stand behind the sanctions imposed by the German government and its international partners. We are aware that they will have a strong impact on our own activities, but we believe that these measures are necessary in the current situation.

In accordance with the Alliance of German Science Organizations, GSI/FAIR will immediately suspend  all cooperation with Russian state institutions and business enterprises. Ongoing bilateral cooperation projects with researchers from Russian institutions will be suspended with immediate effect, furthermore we will not conclude any new bilateral cooperation projects. For multilateral projects involving Russia, which include the FAIR project, GSI/FAIR will coordinate with the other partners regarding further implementation of the international agreements. Adjustments of the measures will be made depending on the further development of the situation.

We are very saddened and concerned by the tragic events in the Ukraine. Also at GSI/FAIR, employees are affected by the war in Ukraine, whether directly, because families or friends live in the contested areas, or through professional or personal ties to Ukraine or Russia. Our thoughts go to all the people who are affected directly or indirectly, with our deepest sympathy and support in these difficult times.


Prof. Paolo Giubellino, Scientific Managing Director GSI/FAIR

Dr. Ulrich Breuer, Administrative Managing Director GSI/FAIR

Jörg Blaurock, Technical Managing Director GSI/FAIR