Construction Site Traffic/Deliveries

In case of questions concerning construction site logistics and deliveries please contact our logistics hotline of our service provider Ed.Züblin AG:

For vehicle entrance to the construction site for work purposes or the delivery of materials a permit of the construction site logistics is necessary.

Please clarify via the hotline above which entrance your vehicle has been ordered to, i.e. to where your goods have to be delivered before your arrival.

A location map with entrances and their denominations and addresses can be found below. You can also download the map as PDF.



FAIR and GSI campus:

Address: Planckstraße 1, 64291 Darmstadt

Purpose: Employees and visitors of the companies FAIR GmbH and GSI GmbH, general deliveries to FAIR/GSI, no FAIR construction site traffic

FAIR construction site — West entrance (Tor West):

Address: Messeler-Park-Straße 191, 64291 Darmstadt

Purpose: General construction site traffic, construction site employees, visitors of FAIR construction site management, deliveries to FAIR construction site, no entrance to the FAIR/GSI campus

FAIR construction site — North entrance (Tor Nord):

Address: Planckstraße 9, 64291 Darmstadt

Purpose: Construction site exit, only deliveries specifically assigned to this entrance