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Basic Science

Natural sciences have taught us a lot about the structure of matter and the evolution of the universe. Despite tremendous progress in this fields, many puzzles are still to be solved.

FAIR aims for providing scientists in Europe and the world with an outstanding accelerator and experimental facility for studying matter at the level of atoms, atomic nuclei, protons and neutrons. They are the building blocks of nuclei and belong to a wider group of particles called hadrons which - again - are made of constituents called quarks and gluons.

The heart of the new facility is a superconducting synchrotron double ring facility with a circumference of about 1,100 meters. A system of cooler-storage rings for effective beam cooling at high energies and various experimental halls will be connected to the facility. The accelerator will yield ion beams with highest beam intensity and also higher beam energies. Moreover, the facility offers the possibility to provide high quality beams of antiprotons and ions for the experimental program.



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The chart of nuclides


The CBM detector
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