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EXL - Exotic nuclei studied in light-ion induced reactions at the NESR storage ring

The EXL experiment is part of the NUSTAR project for Nuclear Structure, Astrophysics and Reactions studies with radioactive ion beams produced in the Super-FRS at the future Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research (FAIR) in Darmstadt, Germany.


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Above: Setup built into the NESR storage ring. Right: target-recoil silicon detector and gas-jet target.


The EXL Experiment

We propose to study the structure of unstable exotic nuclei in light-ion scattering experiments at intermediate energies. The EXL objective is to capitalise on light-ion reactions in inverse kinematics by using novel storage-ring techniques and a universal detector system providing high resolution and large solid angle coverage in kinematically complete measurements. The apparatus is foreseen being installed at the internal target at the NESR storage-cooler ring. It comprises (I) a silicon target-recoil detector for charged particles, completed by gamma-ray and slow-neutron detectors, located around the internal gas-jet target, (II) forward detectors for fast ejectiles (both charged particles and neutrons) and (III) an in-ring heavy-ion spectrometer.

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