Exploring future collaboration possibilities at FAIR/GSI

Exposure Visit of the Indian Science Delegation

Photo: Gaby Otto, GSI

Photo: Gaby Otto, GSI

On 8th of November 2016, we received a special visit from a group of selected senior scientists from various Indian national laboratories and institutes. The laboratories and institutes, such as for example the Indian Institute of Technology, Advanced Data Processing Research Institute, Defense Research and Development Organization and Solid State Physics Laboratory are all funded by the Indian Department of Science and Technology, which is a Shareholder of FAIR GmbH. This made their visit even more important for us.


The purpose of their visit to Germany was to get to know the German Research Infrastructure, its development and contribution to the recent advancement in science and technology. And their stop at the GSI and FAIR was an important part of their trip.


As part of their program, they have first been addressed by Scientific Managing Directors, Prof. Dr. Sharkov (FAIR) and Prof. Dr. Karlheinz Langanke (GSI), and afterwards given a tour of the GSI/FAIR campus. This included visiting the UNILAS, ESR, HADES, FAIR Construction Site, Cave M, and the Green IT Cube. They have been very impressed by what they have seen and wished they had more time to learn even more about everything we do here. Although their visit was rather short visit, they were nevertheless able to get a good idea about both the scientific development and achievement of GSI and future plans with FAIR.


The group has already expressed an interest in finding possibilities for further collaboration with the multi-disciplinary research work with GSI/FAIR. This could be a start to an even more fruitful collaboration between India´s science community and several scientific departments at GSI/FAIR.


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