Tracks and paths around the FAIR construction site

Bad weather: Southern bypass recommended for cyclists

Map: Markus Bernards for FAIR

In the event of protracted wet weather the tracks and paths that form the northern bypass around the FAIR construction site are only passable on a limited basis. For this reason it is recommended that cyclists use the southern bypass of the FAIR construction site as signposted by FAIR. These tracks are forest tracks and asphalt roads, and as such are in a good condition and suitable for use in all weathers. On the northern bypass HESSEN-FORST is to install a barrier to prevent the tracks through the woodland and meadows being used illegally by motor vehicles.


As a result of construction work for the new particle accelerator FAIR two forest tracks are no longer passable along their entire length: Prinzenschneise in an east-west direction and Dreischläger Weg in a north-south direction. Paths were signposted as long ago as 2012 so that pedestrians and cyclists can circumvent the construction site. The southern bypass takes a route via the Benz farmstead and the Kalkofen public inn to the R8 long-distance bike trail; the northern bypass via Tannackerschneise and a path through the meadows of Mörsbacher Grund to the R8 long-distance bike trail.


The path through the meadows is not paved for nature conservation reasons. It would appear, however, that the path through the meadow and thus the northern bypass is repeatedly used by motor vehicles as there are deep ruts in a number of places along the route. For this reason HESSEN-FORST will erect a barrier at the parking area Prinzenschneise/Tannackerschneise so as to ensure that only agricultural and forestry vehicles may use this route.


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