Technical Design Reports approved

FAIR paves the way for construction of central measuring apparatus

Micro Vertex Detector

Cross section through the Micro Vertex Detector (MVD) of the PANDA experiment (Graphic: PANDA Collaboration for FAIR)

The many years of research and development work by hundreds of international scientists have paid off: In the past year researchers from the NUSTAR, PANDA, CBM and APPA collaborations submitted their Technical Design Reports (TDRs) for ten central measuring apparatuses for review by a body of experts. 

The body – Expert Committee Experiments (ECE) – comprises nine internationally acknowledged, independent scientists. It was established last year by the FAIR Council so as to track the technical and scientific progress of the experiments at FAIR and guarantee an independent assessment of the TDRs.


At their first meeting in November 2012 the scientists on ECE had already recommended that the first five measuring apparatuses for future experiments be approved for construction. At the beginning of this year a sixth apparatus was also approved. FAIR concurred with the ECE recommendation, thus paving the way for the construction of the six components. A decisive step has been taken, therefore. For only after approval can an application be submitted for funding of the actual construction of the measuring apparatuses. The ECE will also permanently accompany the development and construction of these components in the future. Another five components are currently in the assessment phase. The ECE will consider their approval at the latest at its next meeting, which is likely to be held before the summer break.


Approved TDRs by the collaborations


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