Site logistics area "BE 1"

„FAIR car parking“ area is being enlarged

Der "FAIR car parking area" (background) is being enlarged.

Map of area BE1 ("FAIR car parking area") with the newly enlarged part . (Photo and graphics: Markus Bernards)

The area at the future site gate „Tor West“ (colloquially known as „FAIR car parking area“) is now being enlarged. The so-called area BE-1 south of the GSI parking area will thus double. Approximately 20 parking places at the south border of the „FAIR car parking area" will be blocked due to the BE-1 construction activities, which will be finished at the beginning of next year. The about 345 parking spaces of the „FAIR car parking area“ can be used by FAIR and GSI employees until the end of 2018. The southern part of the BE 1 area will be used for the FAIR site logistics.

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