Site evacuation begins

FAIR construction site equipment to be dismantled

A heavyweight awaiting transportation: The LB 44 (right) – which has already been dismantled and collapsed – is being loaded and transport away from the site in the night from 5th to 6th June 2014. Photo: Markus Bernards for FAIR

With the conclusion of the pile-drilling work at the end of May 2014, FAIR completed the first key construction phase for the accelerator facility. The focus is now on the dismantling of the construction site facilities and equipment which had been deployed. Tonight (from Thursday to Friday) a drilling rig is being removed.


As a result of their weights – some weigh more than 100 tons – and their dimensions, rotary drilling devices and other large-scale rigs qualify as abnormal loads. In accordance with German road traffic regulations such transportation requires special approval. As abnormal loads would disrupt the normal flow of traffic, these may only be conducted at times when the volume of traffic is low. The load also has to be accompanied by the police. Another drilling rig will leave the construction site in the night from 12th to 13th June (from Thursday to Friday).


In just a few weeks the site will be clear
The forthcoming site evacuation measures also encompass the container offices which accommodated the subcontractors deployed on site during the 15 months of pile-drilling work. At the same time, all the dewatering equipment, starting with the pipework, through water containers, to the desanding facility, as well as the workshop, in which repairs and welding work were conducted for example, are being dismantled and shipped. The excavated earth still on the construction site will shortly be transported to the nearby Langener Sehring gravel pit.


The concrete mixing plant which was specially erected for the pile-drilling work is also leaving the construction site. As the concrete was mixed on site, the transport was less complex as only the individual parts had to be delivered to the site. Thus it was possible to mix the right amounts of concrete as needed at any given point in time.


The work will be completed in the coming weeks. FAIR will report in a timely manner on additional nighttime abnormal loads.

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