Recruitment: Senior Civil Engineer (m/f)

The FAIR (facility for antiproton and ion research in Europe) project involves what is now the world's largest construction project for a particle physics research facility. This facility will be built in Darmstadt in the coming years. The developer is FAIR GmbH, an international company under German law whose shareholders include the German government, the State of Hessen and governments of partner states. The new facility, a next-generation particle accelerator, will offer scientists from about 50 countries unique opportunities to conduct research with matter and antimatter components. For more information about FAIR, see www.fair-center.de.


We are seeking a senior civil engineer (m/f), Code: 773000-12.85, for FAIR GmbH's construction department at the next possible date in order to implement the directly imminent foundation work, earthwork, sheeting work and carcass work. You will work as part of an engaged and inter-disciplinary team of experienced engineers and natural scientists, with the support of planning and consulting firms.


Your profile:

  • Degree in civil engineering: Diplomingenieur/in
  • Construction site experience
  • Expertise with German VOB-type contracts
  • English skills advantageous


Experience in the construction industry is advantageous. The position will exist for a limited time initially, but the plan is to make it permanent. The salary is determined by the collective bargaining agreement for (federal) public-sector workers, TVöD (Bund), which applies for FAIR as well.


FAIR supports the professional development of women and welcomes applications from women who feel that this job speaks to them.


Among equally qualified applicants, preference will be given to the severely handicapped.


Please e-mail your application, with the typical documents, to florian.hehenberger(at)fair-center.eu by 13 October 2012 indicating the code 773000-12.85, or label "private/ confidential" and send to:


- Director Site & Buildings -
Planckstrasse 1
64291 Darmstadt



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