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Road briefly re-opened

Relocation of the top soil concluded

The storage pits will be maintained at regular intervals until the soil is re-used in the coming years. Photo: ion42 for FAIR

The entire forest top soil, which had been in temporary storage on the FAIR construction site in the interim period, has now been transferred for the duration of the construction work to arable areas, which have been converted to interim soil stores accordingly. During the relocation of the top soil the construction site traffic had to cross Neuwiesenweg, which is to the south of the GSI and the FAIR construction site, so as ensure access to the temporary storage point for the top soil. For safety reasons this was temporarily closed for pedestrians and cyclists. This is to be re-opened expected from 16.9.2013 onwards.


In the coming years the soil, which has been established as storage pits, has to be secured and cultivated. This is necessary so as to maintain the quality of the fertile forest and field top soil for its later re-use. So as to protect against unwanted trespassers the storage pits have already been fenced off. Following the conclusion of the construction work the stored soil will be used on the FAIR grounds for landscape gardening and reforestation.

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