Redirection of toads and frogs

FAIR builds amphibian safety fence along southern construction road

The existing amphibian safety fence will be completed by a second one on the other side of the road.

To prevent toads and frogs from being run over by cars FAIR has commissioned a company to build a second amphibian safety fence. During the assembly period, the southern road will continue to be open for all traffic vehicles including lorries and buses.  For inconveniences that may occur FAIR apologizes.


The “Stahlberge” area, with its ponds, serves as a breeding ground for frogs and toads alike.  With the completion of metamorphose, their future migration pattern will lead the amphibians to the southern construction road, where a 770 m amphibian fence made of green plastic foil will guide them to special collecting boxes.  These boxes will be emptied twice a day by FAIR authorized ecologists. In this way, every morning and evening the amphibians will be brought to appropriate wooden areas.


The amphibian fence is one of several projects to protect the environment as compensation for building FAIR. Further compensation projects include extensive forestation in and around Darmstadt, maintenance of the natural habitat "Stahlberge" and the set-up of a lizard habitat located close to the site. In addition, 130 boxes for bats will be assembled to replace tree holes lost on behalf of the FAIR building site.

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