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Programme for young students

GET_INvolved — new internship and training programme at FAIR and GSI

Three participants of the GET_INvolved programmme: Jayati Vijaywargiya, Anushka Tibrewal and Mateusz Sewiolo (from left)

Mateusz Sewiolo works on a calibration software.

Anushka Tibrewal is doing her internship in the Fragment Separator Department.

Jayati Vijaywargiya writes her bachelor’s thesis at the Department for Superconducting Magnets. (Photos: Gaby Otto, GSI)

It has been  a few weeks since the first participants of the GET_INvolved programme have arrived at FAIR and GSI. The new initiative is intended to give international students and young scientists a chance to do an internship and/or a training at FAIR and GSI — a special opportunity to get to know the research institute and life in Germany! Read more in the interview with the three participants Anushka Tibrewal, Jayati Vijaywargiya and Mateusz Sewiolo. Information on applications for GET_INvolved (see below).


Where do you come from and what are you studying?

Anushka: I’m studying Bachelor of Engineering with focus on Computer Science in North West India.

Jayati: Me too. We both are studying at Mody University. I’m writing my bachelor’s thesis at the Department for Superconducting Magnets.

Mateusz: I’m doing my bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering at Technical University of Bialystok in Poland.


How did you learn about the GET_INvolved programme?

J: I learned about GSI already in my first year because some of our senior students were here before. I can say that it was my goal to come here from the beginning, which is one reason why I studied so hard. Earlier this year one of my professors asked me if I was interested to do an internship here.

A: I got to know about GET_INvolved through my professor, too. I took the chance at once!

M: I was chosen for this programme because I stood out in the skills that are involved in my tasks here. I guess I was considered a good representative of my university.


What makes GET_INvolved special for you?

M: I’m working on a dedicated software for calibrations of precise measurement devices. It's great to be part of a project which is important for so many detectors!

A: It's the first time that I work on my own project and that I can apply the knowledge I learned at university on a theoretical level. I create a database for the fragment separator group which allows for a better sorting of data. I have the feeling that I already learned an incredible lot and could evolve personally and intellectually in a very short period of time.

J: It's great that we have three months here and are supported by a dedicated mentor.  With the support, we could realize our own ideas after getting familiar with the surroundings. To get to know Germany and Europe a bit is also very interesting! I visited Paris, Heidelberg and was in a beer garden for the first time in Darmstadt.


Which experiences did you have at FAIR and GSI so far?

A: The tasks and challenges I faced here made me more independent. In the beginning I was quite shy but by now I dare to be more extroverted.

J: I’m impressed by the motivation and passion of the people who work here. Sometimes it is just more important to solve a problem than to have “Feierabend” (editor: see below). I have the feeling that one enjoys more freedom in individual organisation and execution of tasks here. That gives me more room for creativity.

M: I noticed that as well. This freedom makes working here enjoyable.


What would you tell your fellow students about the GET_INvolved programme?

A: I would very much recommend my fellow students to apply for this programme. I am in Europe for the first time — in the beginning it wasn’t easy because I was a bit homesick — but now I would love to stay longer. I made friends and really like it here!

M: I think that the programme would be interesting for many students at my university because there are many projects in coding and about measuring technique. It is important though to be able to speak English well.

J: If you get the chance you should really do an internship here. Many questions and doubts I had in university were clarified because I got to know how Computer Science gets implemented in the scientific field of research.


Do you have plans for the future?

M: I like what I am doing here. I would be happy to come back.

A: When I complete my bachelor I would like to do my master in Europe. Maybe I could come to GSI and FAIR for my PhD or Postdoc.

J: I would like to continue working in physics for my master — preferably in Germany!


More information on GET_INvolved

The GET_INvolved Programme welcomes applications throughout the year. The available positions depend on the applicants’ interests and profile.

Participants benefit from multiple forms of support. Accommodation and travel expenses can be funded. Scholarships from European or national funds, fellowship programmes and enterprise funding to sponsorship by GSI/FAIR are available for prospective participants to apply. Participants are also extensively supported in administrative processes.

Interested in participating in the GET_INvolved programme? Apply by sending your CV and a motivation letter indicating you research interest, in particular, how it corresponds to the topics or projects at GSI. Successful applicants will be able to demonstrate the relevance of their research interest to existing projects at GSI, and how they can contribute to the projects. Applications can be sent to the Office of International Student Programme at international(at) or international(at) There is no deadline.

Footnote: Feierabend = a German word referring to getting off work, and literally means ‘evening celebration’

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