Processing gigantic data volumes

New high-performance computing center under construction

Colleagues from GSI and Züblin on the day the foundation stone was laid. (Photo: G. Otto, GSI)

In April 2015 GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung and Züblin AG laid the foundation stone for the new leading-edge computer center GreenITCube. Following its completion the new high-performance computing center will be available to scientists from all over the world for the analysis of the enormous data volumes which they acquire from experiments at GSI and the future accelerator facility FAIR.


The Green-Cube will be accommodated in a cube-shaped building with a footprint of 27 meters by 30 meters and a height of 25 meters. The building is scheduled for completion in 2015. It captivates above all through its compact structure and the predominant use of steel, which considerably lowers the building costs compared to a classical construction. In addition, it has an innovative concept for the cooling and air-conditioning technology, as well as the highly efficient IT infrastructure, which reduces the energy consumption.


A newspaper, a graphic of the building and a list of all the construction workers were symbolically concreted into the foundation stone.

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