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FAIR establishes inner construction roads

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The construction roads. Graphic by Carola Pomplun for FAIR

A part of the inner construction road. Photo by Inti Lehmann for FAIR

In the coming months the inner construction roads will be gradually laid out and developed on the construction site for the new particle accelerator FAIR. At the same time a soil store is to be prepared for the forest topsoil currently being stockpiled on the construction site. The intended soil store is in the immediate vicinity of the construction site on former arable land earmarked for the purpose. Soil storage close to the construction site is necessary so as to avoid site traffic on public roads.


In order to reach the soil store, in individual cases the construction site traffic will use the farm tracks to the south of GSI and the FAIR construction site as access roads and cross Neuwiesenweg to the south east. Among the inner construction roads are these farm tracks which border directly on the construction site and which are scheduled for asphalting in the coming months. For security reasons these areas will temporarily be inaccessible.


FAIR requests that in the period from March onwards and probably through to July those using these tracks are especially alert in this area and observe the exclusion zones and relevant signs. Pedestrians and cyclists may use the existing recommended alternative route.


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