Presenting FAIR to the European Physical Society

Presenting FAIR to the European Physical Society

Professor Günther Rosner presented FAIR

On the invitation of the European Physical Society (EPS) today Professor Günther Rosner, FAIR's Research and Administrative Managing Director, presented to the EPS Nuclear Physics Division Board the current status of planning and realisation of FAIR buildings, accelerators and experiments.

The EPS Nuclear Physics Division Board had its annual meeting at GSI Helmholtzzentrum fuer Schwerionenforschung at Darmstadt. The board makes statements to science policies and is responsible for organizing the Division conferences as well as for coordinating the relation to the EPS and to the Nuclear Physics European Collaboration Committee (NuPECC), an expert committee to the European Science Foundation. Further, the board organises the awards process of the Lise Meitner Prize for Nuclear Science, for the IBA Prize for Applied Nuclear Science and Nuclear Methods in Medicine and for the best PhD Dissertation.

38 European Physical Societies and 80,000 physicists in Europe are organised in the EPS. The biggest EPS member is the German Physical Society with 55,000 physicists.

European Physical Society, Nuclear Physics Division

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