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Power supply is being installed

Transformers for FAIR

By using hoists and rails the 82 ton transformers are pulled into postion.

The transformers came from Turkey to Rotterdam by ship and from there to Darmstadt by truck.

The transformer is lifted by using compressed air in order to install the wheels.

When the transformer is filled with insulating oil and the peripheral infrastructure ist installed it will weigh 114 tons. (Photos: Markus Bernards for FAIR)

Three high-performance transformers that will be needed for the future particle accelerator facility FAIR were delivered to the FAIR construction site in Darmstadt. Together with a fourth transformer that was already on site, the approximately eight-meter-long devices will connect FAIR to the regional power grid.

The transformers were manufactured in Turkey and transported by ship from Izmir to Rotterdam. From there, they were carried by 30-meter-long lowboys to Darmstadt-Wixhausen. “Thanks to our foresighted planning, everything went well despite the long distances and the lengthy approval process for obtaining a special road transport permit,” says transformer specialist Udo Zerb from e-netz Südhessen.

In the next step, the transformers will be installed into the North and South Transformer Stations, which are currently under construction. Each transformer will weigh 114 tons when it is in operation. “The transformers will convert the 110 kV high-voltage electricity that arrives at GSI and FAIR through underground high-voltage cables to 20 kV so that the current reaches the various consumers on our campus in line with their needs,” says Karl-Heinz Trumm, Head of the Electric Power Systems department at FAIR and GSI. FAIR will need up to 90 megawatts of electricity for its powerful electromagnets, infrastructure, cooling purposes, and other needs. The South Transformer Station will ensure that FAIR is supplied with enough electricity to meet its normal needs. The North Transformer Station is being built to supply energy to the SIS18 and SIS100 ring accelerators, because the special mode of operation of the normally conducting and superconducting magnets puts extreme demands on the quality of the electricity supply system. The North Transformer Station is scheduled to go into operation in December 2017, while the South Transformer Station is expected to go on line in spring 2018.

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