PANDA Collaboration elects spokes person

New Spokesperson of the PANDA collaboration at FAIR

Prof. Dr. Klaus Peters (photo: pivate)

Hadron physicist Klaus Peters was elected new Spokesperson of the PANDA collaboration at FAIR, one of the four scientific pillars of the future accelerator center FAIR. He follows James Ritman (Universität Bochum/Forschungszentrum Jülich), who was PANDA Spokesperson 2013-2016. Deputy Spokesperson is now Tord Johansson (Universität Uppsala) as the successor of Diego Bettoni (Istituto Nationale die Fisica Nucleare INFN Ferrara).


Klaus Peters is full professor at the Goethe University Frankfurt since 2004 and Leading Scientist at GSI for hadron physics. He acted as Vice Research Director of GSI from 2011-13 and has an impressive record of important results in the spectroscopy of light and heavy hadrons. Moreover he is working in many international boards and has wide experience within many international collaborations. Klaus Peters is currently engaged in GlueX particle physics experiment at Jefferson Lab, Newport News (USA) and the BES3 Spectrometer collaboration at the Beijing Electron Positron Collider in China.


The PANDA collaboration comprises more than 50 institutes world-wide and about 500 scientists. “I look forward to the new assignment and I feel honored, it is an amazing challenge to conduct the construction of PANDA at FAIR for a great scientific success to come”, said Klaus Peters.


More about PANDA (Website)

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