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NUSTAR member IIT Ropar is potential partner for FAIR Research and Training program

GET_INvolved Program: Initiating Bilateral Cooperation between IIT Ropar, India, and FAIR/GSI

Round Table Meeting with IIT Ropar representatives

FAIR/GSI Scientific Managing Director Prof. Paolo Giubellino and Prof. Manohar Lal Munjal (Professor em., IIT Rohar, India)

Prior to a guided tour of facilities (Photos: Markus Bernards for FAIR)

On October 10, 2017, the FAIR/GSI received a delegation from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Ropar. The delegation from IIT Ropar included scientists, faculty members and members of international affairs. The visit to FAIR and GSI included a warm welcome by the NUSTAR collaboration followed by a roundtable meeting with Joint Scientific Managing Director Prof. Paolo Giubellino and Joint Research Director Prof. Karlheinz Langanke and a delegation of heads of several departments at FAIR/GSI.


Professor Giubellino informed the delegation about the current and future research program of FAIR/GSI along with opportunities where both parties can strengthen their collaboration with the NUSTAR Collaboration and also expand by participating in the GET_INvolved Program. Professor Munjal on behalf of the IIT Ropar’s delegation put forward the interest to participate in the active training of young students and researchers of the IIT Ropar and also an exchange of the scientific staff from both institutes strengthening their relationship. The delegation also had an active session with the heads of different research pillars. The delegation expressed their keen interest in formulating a Memorandum of Understanding for joint areas of cooperation and a dedicated agreement for student training and exchange program of research staff.


IIT Ropar is an advanced technical institute located in the north-west of India in the state of Punjab (approximately 300 km drive north of New Delhi). IIT Ropar is already a member of NUSTAR Collaboration with several researchers and students working actively on optimisation and development of Gamma camera (a patented technology manufactured and developed in GSI). The institute is also involved in the testing of the components for the DEGAS detector (NUSTAR) at IIT Ropar.


GET_INvolved Programme is an initiative by the FAIR/GSI management to provide international students and early stage researchers with opportunities to perform Internships or Traineeships and early research experience in order to GET_INvolved in the FAIR project while receiving scientific and technical training. This programme is also creating synergies between collaborating universities and advanced technical institutes in shareholder and partner countries by offering mobility opportunities for young students and researchers and contribute to the project in research and development. For more information contact the programme coordinator at or

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