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NUSTAR Collaboration:

60-Ton Magnet GLAD moves into its Cave

A few arms are sufficient to push the 60-ton colossus around the corner.

The compressed air which forms the air cushion (and stirs up the dust)...

... has to be adjusted precisely to avoid the asymmetric magnet touching the ground

In the cave, the magnet is moved again manually... finally reach its position. The crew is satisfied. (from left: Daniel Wiemer, Thomas Mantzafinis, Bernd Herge, Klaus Lück, Angelo Stagno, Andreas Däsch (all CSTI), Daniel Körper Haik Simon) (Photos 1-3: Markus Bernards; Photos 4,5: Gaby Otto)

On Monday the 15 t vaccum chamber was moved to the target hall as well.

In the coming weeks, it will be connected to the GLAD magnet. (Photos: Markus Bernards for FAIR)

Last Thursday, the 60 ton magnet GLAD was guided on air cushions into an experimental room, the Cave R3B.


Here, GLAD will undergo further extensive testing in order to precisely verify its specifications. Thereafter it will be completely installed and connected in the experiment unit. Its coils will be cooled down to a temperature below -268 degrees Celsius. Finally, it will be possible to use the magnet for experiments at the GSI facility and then later at the future FAIR accelerator facility.

Further information about GLAD

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