Moby Dick keeps the roads clean

FAIR commissions tire washing unit

The new tire washing unit (Photo: Gaby Otto for FAIR)

The tire washing unit for trucks is in operation on the construction site of FAIR GmbH. Thus protecting public roads, such as Messeler-Park-Strasse, from soil contamination.


When entering the construction site many trucks making deliveries end up with mud-strewn tires. For this reason, truck drivers are using the tire washing unit – which has been dubbed Moby Dick – before leaving the FAIR site. Contaminated roads are annoying for car and motorcycle users. But more than that, they can also be dangerous, and in particular in rainy weather. “With the tire washing unit we are preventing mud and clay from being deposited on public roads,” explains Hans-Peter Semmler, responsible for the establishment of the construction roads and the tire washing unit on the construction site of the particle accelerator FAIR.


Express shower for trucks
Each and every muddy truck drives through the tire washing unit at walking pace, next to which is a large water tank. A vehicle identification sensor automatically initiates the wash process. The effective washing time is between ten and 60 seconds, depending on the degree of contamination of the vehicle. If intensive cleaning is desired truck drivers can bring the vehicle to a halt, or move forwards or backwards as necessary.


The unit cleans tire profiles, wheel flanges, the inner side of the wheels, and some areas of the truck underbody. The majority of the used water is returned to a closed system and treated for further use. The resulting residual mud is collected in the system and disposed of by experts at regular intervals.


The actual water consumption for each cleaning operation amounts to a mere ten to 20 liters. The unit can even be used in the winter months with temperatures not far below freezing. In this manner the public roads remain clean the whole year through.

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