Journalists' visit

GSI ring accelerator “SIS 18” being prepared for FAIR

Photo: Markus Bernards for FAIR

Complex conversion work on the large GSI ring accelerator SIS (heavy ion synchrotron) has been successfully completed after a year. The major change has been the installation of an additional, third acceleration path. The conversion work was necessary so that the SIS ring accelerator fulfils the technical prerequisites so as to be used, as foreseen, as the preaccelerator for FAIR in the future. More than 30 journalists and twitterer had the opportunity to view the SIS 18.


The ring accelerator SIS has a circumference of 216 meters. Some 50 magnets weighing several tons keep the particles on their path and ensure that the ion beam is constantly focused. In the coming years two further accelerator acceleration paths are to be installed.


Researchers from all over the world have been able to conduct a wide diversity of experiments – ranging from astrophysics to cancer therapies – with the ring accelerator SIS 18 since it was commissioned in 1990. Thus, for example, hundreds of new isotopes have been discovered, variants of existing elements therefore. The world record in the discovery of new isotopes is held by a researcher at GSI. The biophysical research has led to the development of a new cancer therapy, with which 450 patients with brain tumors have been treated with considerable success at GSI and which is to be further developed at FAIR.

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