International Workshop on In-Kind Contributions

2nd In-Kind Contributions Workshop (IKCW 2015)

Participiants of IKCM 2015 (Photo: Gaby Otto for FAIR)

Following the success of the 1st In-Kind Contributions Workshop which was hosted by HEPTech and the European Spallation Source (ESS) in January 2014 in Lund, Sweden, the 2nd In-Kind Contributions Workshop (IKCW 2015) was organized by FAIR GmbH and was held on 4 November 2015. 56 participants from 8 countries (Germany, Finland, France, India, Sweden, Switzerland, Russian Federation and U.S.A.) and from 19 institutes, companies and consulting agencies world-wide came to FAIR GmbH to share experiences on the procurement and management of large-scale international science projects through in-kind contributions/deliveries. Representatives from the European XFEL, ESS, ITER and FAIR, including some of the industrial partners involved in the FAIR in-kind deliveries, presented updates on these current large-scale projects on all phases of in-kind contributions management and implementation.


The workshop agenda was a balanced mixture between technical and managerial challenges and the interfaces in between. In the first session, comprehensive overviews of the FAIR accelerator complex and its proposed scientific program were presented. This was followed by presentations on the management of in-kind contributions to FAIR, European XFEL, ITER, ESS, together with examples of how these in-kind deliveries are manifested from a provider/supplier point of view.

The main theme for this year’s workshop was:

Strategies for the Realization of Scientific Projects in Time and Budget via In-Kind Contributions


In the last session, an all participant discussion forum brought the main theme of this year’s workshop into a sharp focus.


Overall, the workshop was a completely successful endeavor. This was evident in the lively discussions after each presentation, during coffee and lunch breaks and a collegial spirit throughout the workshop. It was suggested that the workshop should be followed with further operational meetings of persons involved in in-kind contributions.


All the presentations, workshop participant list, agenda and the 2nd announcement can be found following this link.


Dr. Ramila Amirikas (IKCW 2015, Organizer)

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