Heavyweight on site

Giant drilling rig arrives at the FAIR construction site

The rotary drilling rig (right) delivered in August weighs in at no less than 163 tonnes. (Photo: Jan Reinelt for FAIR)

The rotary drilling rig LB 44 was recently delivered to the FAIR construction site. It is the most powerful piece of equipment to be deployed on the site. A total of five drilling rigs are currently being used to place piles in the ground, and thus to stabilize the area so that the accelerator facility FAIR can be built.


The newly-developed LB 44 from Liebherr is being used here for the first time. With a maximum torque of 510 kW kilonewton meters and a power output of 505 kW (677 hp) it is more powerful than the other four rotary drilling rigs already deployed on the construction site. The rotary drilling rigs on the site are the largest that are available on the European market. The first drilling work was conducted with the 36-meter-high LB 44 drilling rig just one day after its on-site assembly.


In just a few weeks a second LB 44 will be delivered. Then all the necessary drilling rigs will be on site; the construction firms are using these to place the concrete piles – which have a length of as much as 60 meters – in the ground, thus creating a stable base to bear the heavy magnets, the buildings and the sensitive detectors in the new accelerator facility.


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