GSI Accelerator Facility

Upgrade for FAIR: Intensity record for uranium ions

The linear accelerator UNILAC (Photo: Achim Zschau, GSI)

The current GSI accelerators will serve as injectors for the FAIR accelerator facility, thus having to match the highly demanding FAIR specifications. To this end, an upgrade program for the GSI machines is ongoing. In the course of machine experiments at the beginning of the accelerator chain (after the high current injector), where the beam has an energy of 1.4 MeV/u, a new record intensity for uranium beams has been achieved. For the charge state 28+, which is standard for acceleration in the UNILAC Alvarez section, a maximum intensity of 7.8 mA was measured at very good beam quality. This substantially exceeds the old record of about 5 mA, achieved in 2007.


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