French delegation in Darmstadt:

President of the Aquitaine visits FAIR and GSI

Alain Rousset reading the French FAIR flyer. Photo: Gaby Otto, GSI

Yesterday, Alain Rousset, President of the French region Aquitaine and Deputy of the French National Assembly, visited FAIR and GSI with a delegation of 13 people. He was accompanied by seven representatives of the State Chancellery of the State of Hessen. In short presentations Dr. Ingo Augustin, head of FAIR's "Staff Office" and Professor Horst Stöcker, scientific director of GSI, gave an overview about the plans for the future FAIR facility and current GSI research activities. Afterwards scientists informed him about the co-operations with Aquitaine.


France is a partner of FAIR and shareholder of FAIR GmbH. GSI collaborates with Aquitaine in the areas of laser and plasma physics as well as biophysics and materials research.

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