Foundation of “FAIR Center for International Collaboration”

FAIR Collaboration Center in China

Prof. Stöcker and Prof. Yang signing the communiqué. (Photo: Peter Senger for FAIR)

On 11 December GSI Scientific Director Prof. Horst Stöcker and the President of Central China Normal University (CCNU), Prof. Zongkai Yang, signed an agreement in the central Chinese city of Wuhan on the foundation of a FAIR Collaboration Center in China, the “FAIR Center for International Collaboration (FCIC)”. China is participating in FAIR with eight million euros in the form of contributions in kind and will, among other things, build part of the CBM detector. The new center will coordinate China’s activities, which are planned to be conducted over the coming eight years.


With the signing of the FAIR communiqué on the official launch of the FAIR project in 2007, China declared that it would participate in the new FAIR accelerator center. With the FAIR Collaboration Center at CCNU this cooperation is now being given an institutional framework. In addition to CCNU, Tsinghua University in Peking, the University of Science & Technology of China in Hefei, Shanghai Institute for Applied Physics in Shanghai and the Institute of Modern Physics, Lanzhou are participating in FCIC.


In the framework of the collaboration China is participating in the construction of the time of flight detector for the “Compressed Baryonic Matter” (CBM) experiment, one of the four experimental pillars at FAIR. In the CBM experiment heavy ions collide with heavy atomic nuclei – for example gold on gold – and explode. This results in a fireball which produces thousands of new particles. The newly-created particles reveal to the physicists the nature of the strong force which holds together the atomic nuclei components protons and neutrons. The time of flight detector measures how fast these particles are moving, and thus helps to identify the particles.

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