First, small FAIR building

Water connection for FAIR

It fits! The transfer station is put onto the water connections. Photo: Markus Bernards for FAIR

HSE Technik, a regional energy and infrastructure service provider, delivered and erected the transfer station for the main water connection for the FAIR facility on Tuesday. The building protects the main water connection, which will already be in use during the construction work.


A very steady hand was needed by the crane operator as he lowered the heavy prefabricated unit centimeter for centimeter yesterday. The transfer station building was prefabricated complete with a door, electrical fitting and floor rebates, and was placed on the pre-prepared foundations with the two water connections.


With a base area of three meters by 6.5 meters it is about as large as a garage and forms the terminal point of a new, two kilometer-long drinking water pipeline, which was laid from the B3 past the Stahlbergen to the southern end of the construction site between November 2012 and February 2013. The pipeline will be able to supply 450 cubic meters of water per hour for the operation of the FAIR construction site and the accelerator operations of FAIR. In addition, the pipeline supplies a fire main with hydrants running around the FAIR site.


The transfer station will accommodate a water meter between the two connections; this is to be installed in the coming weeks. Two heating systems also ensure that the pipelines cannot freeze in winter. The transfer station replaces the temporary water supply, which has to date connected the construction site to the drinking water grid. Employees of HSE Technik will service the main water connection on a regular basis.


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