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First meeting after summer break

Environmental committee convenes at FAIR

The committee members, among them Head of Department Brigitte Lindscheid (2nd from left), inspect the current construction work. (Photo: Gabi Otto for FAIR)

On Thursday, August 29, 19 representatives of the Committee for Environmental Protection and Sustainability of the City of Darmstadt convened at FAIR for their first meeting after the summer break. Beforehand the group of visitors, among them the head of the Environment, Construction and Planning Department Brigitte Lindscheid and the chairwoman of the Environment Committee, Katrin Kosub, viewed the construction site and gathered information on the status of the construction work.

The committee members focused on the environmental aspects in connection with the construction of the particle accelerator FAIR. Thus they primarily gathered information on the environmental compensation programme Forest. In this conjunction the head of the forestry office, Hartmut Müller, explained that the bulk of the replacement reforestation had already been implemented. He also explained that the forest transformation carried out in Totenberge in the springtime on two partial areas with a total area of 1.4 hectares required the clearing of these areas for light ecology reasons. The oaks planted there require a large amount of incident light to thrive, much more than beech trees or exotic woods for example.

Lindscheid spoke positively in connection with the truck traffic, saying that to date there had been very few complaints. Thus also underpins the results of the noise measurements commissioned by FAIR, which have all been lower than the statutory limits. As in exceptional cases there may be traffic at night, Dr. Florian Hehenberger, the construction director at FAIR, announced that FAIR would provide information on this at an early stage.

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