Faulty physics spotted in Hollywood films

FAIR scientist Sascha Vogel wins Science Slam

Science slam winner Sascha Vogel (Photo: HMWK)

It’s not only the love stories in Hollywood films that are unrealistic — so is the construction of the particle accelerator in “Iron Man 2“. Dr. Sascha Vogel from the HIC for FAIR research centre reveals the faulty physics in Hollywood movies and wins the Special Science Slam of the LOEWE programme.


In “Iron Man 2“ the main character, played by Robert Downey Jr., builds a particle accelerator all alone in just one afternoon — wearing a sexy muscle shirt, of course. “When we build a particle accelerator, this is what we look like,“ says Sascha Vogel to his audience with a smile at the Science Slam competition held in the Central Station in Darmstadt. The whirlwind accelerator construction project is just one example of how Hollywood overrules the laws of physics (among other things). Sascha Vogel presented his up-to-date scientific topic in just seven minutes — i.e. within the time limit set for the Science Slam participants — briefly, comprehensively and entertainingly. The jury honoured his talk with the winner’s trophy, which is shaped like a red lion.


When Sascha Vogel isn’t performing, he works as a theoretical physicist at HIC for FAIR and supervises Ph.D. candidates at the Helmholtz Graduate School for Hadron and Ion Research (HGS-HIRe). At the Special Science Slam of the Hessian Ministry for Science and Arts (HMWK), the FAIR scientist won against eight competitors. The topics of the talks ranged from IT security to biodiversity and the question, “Who wants to know what their urine tastes like?”



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