FAIR receives second approval for construction

FAIR receives second approval for construction

The first magnet of the Super-FRS (Photo: Jan Reinelt for FAIR)

The Ministry of Environment, Energy, Agriculture and Consumer Protection in the German State of Hesse has now announced the second partial approval for the construction of FAIR under radiation protection legislation. The approval covers the construction of the tunnel section and the building which will house the Super-Fragment Separator (Super-FRS). In this part of the facility, the ion beam hits a target - for example, a small piece of ultrathin metal foil. The collision of the beam’s atomic nuclei with those of the target produces extremely rare, exotic nuclei which can be studied in the subsequent experiment stations and storage rings.


FAIR scientists want to use the Super-FRS to find out what happens in giant stellar explosions called supernovae. This is of great interest, because all elements heavier than iron were probably generated in such supernovae.


The approval of the buildings under radiation protection legislation guarantees that the buildings will meet the safety requirements for the scientists and technicians working at the facility and for the surrounding environment right from the planning stage.


Information on the first partial approval for FAIR under radiation protection legislation

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