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India’s Ambassador visits FAIR

Visitors and hosts around the Indian Ambassador Vijay Gokhale (1st row, 2nd from right) at FAIR and GSI. (Photo: Gaby Otto for FAIR)

The Ambassador of the Republic of India to Germany, His Excellency Vijay Gokhale, came to Darmstadt today to inform himself on the progress in the construction of FAIR. FAIR’s Managing Director Research and Administration, Professor Günther Rosner, and GSI’s Scientific Managing Director, Professor Horst Stöcker, showed Mr. Gokhale the FAIR construction site and the existing GSI facilities. India is the third-greatest partner to FAIR after Germany and Russia.


The Republic of India will contribute 36 M Euro to the FAIR construction and holds 3,5 percent of the current FAIR GmbH shares.


Since 2005, Indian Researchers, under the guidance of the Department of Science and Technology (DST) and the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), Government of India, have been working in identifying the areas of participation both in experiments and accelerator components for FAIR. With India’s association to the FAIR experiments the indian scientists bring a few decades of engagements guided by similar ongoing programmes on an international and national level.


Indian scientists will be engaged in building detectors for the major experimental programmes of FAIR, i.e. NUSTAR (Nuclear Structure, Astrophysics and Reactions), CBM (Compressed Baryonic Matter) and PANDA (Antiproton Anihilation at Darmstadt). Another area of significant participation is building equipment to be used at the heart of the FAIR accelerator. So far, 73 senior scientists from more than 20 research institutes participate into FAIR.

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