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HSE hands over water supply for FAIR

FAIR’s Director Site and Buildings, Dr. Florian Hehenberger, thanks the colleagues from HSE and FAIR for their excellent work.

Harald Barz hands over the building’s keys to Dr. Florian Hehenberger. (Photo: Markus Bernards for FAIR)

A small ceremony today formed the framework for the official transfer of the water supply for FAIR. Within less than six months employees of the regional energy and infrastructure service provider HSE have laid a water pipeline to the construction site. The provisional water supply for the pile-drilling work was replaced in May of this year with a so-called transfer station. The pipeline will supply the FAIR construction site and later the completed FAIR facility with water for cooling and sanitary facilities, as well as a fire main which encircles the FAIR site.


The drinking water pipeline, which originates at the B3 trunk road (Frankfurter Landstrasse) and crosses the fields to the south of the GSI Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research, is some two kilometers long with a diameter of 40 centimeters. At the southern border of the FAIR construction site it enters a building which is about as large as a garage, the water transfer station of FAIR. Installed in this station is a water meter and heating systems which ensure that the pipes cannot freeze in winter.


As many as 450 cubic meters of water per hour can be supplied via this pipeline for the operation of FAIR und for fire-fighting. This is approximately ten per cent more water than will probably be required for the operation of FAIR: The start version of the particle accelerator facility will require a maximum of 250 cubic meters per hour, the final stage a maximum of 400 cubic meters per hour.


The water is mainly used to cool the accelerator facility, and with high ambient temperatures it will also moisten the cooling towers, which otherwise cool the facility in a closed loop.


In the event of fire a number of hydrants are available to the fire-fighting teams. Furthermore, the tanks for the fire-extinguishing system will be fed using the water supply.

Further information:

Construction of the transfer station 2014

Construction of the water pipeline 2012/2013

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