FAIR informs about status quo of the building site

4th information evening for residents and neighbours

The building site (Photo: Markus Bernards for FAIR)

On an information evening on June 12, some dozend neighbours of FAIR informed themselves about latest happenings on the FAIR building site and on the woodland programme of the environment compensation for FAIR.

About a dozen residents showed up at the FAIR information evening on June 12th to find out about the latest happenings on the FAIR building site as well as to gain information about FAIR’s environment sustainability and reforestation plans.


After talks held by FAIR’s Director of Site and Buildings, Dr. Florian Hehenberger, and forester Michael Göbel, HESSENFORST, the audience was most of all interested in the groundwater management during the construction process of FAIR. It was pointed out that groundwater is pumped out to drain the construction pit and, with the help of drainage wells located around the building site. this water is immediately fed back into the groundwater. As a result, the construction activity will not have an impact on trees and houses in the vicinity.  Furthermore, answering a respective question, Mr. Hehenberger explained the existing flow direction of the groundwater from East to West cannot be changed by the building.


Why FAIR is being built here can be explained by the existing GSI facility, whereby the accelerators will serve as pre-accelerators for FAIR. And, due to Hessian negotation skills, GSI was built in 1969 on the outskirts of Darmstadt. To this day, it accommodates the fact that Darmstadt can be easily reached by the scientists of the Universities which supported the foundation of GSI: Darmstadt (TU), Frankfurt, Marburg, Mainz, Gießen and Heidelberg.

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