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FAIR Council accepts new planning for the FAIR facility – end of construction in 2022

Areal view of the FAIR facility (montage by ion42 for FAIR)

In an extraordinary meeting of the FAIR Council in September 2015 the shareholders of FAIR GmbH dealt intensively with the status and future strategy for realisation of the FAIR project that had previously been presented by the FAIR management, as had been agreed in the summer meeting of the FAIR Council. In particular, the cost increase for project build-up was the subject of this meeting.


With respect to the unique scientific opportunities at the FAIR facility the Council confirmed its goal to realise the FAIR project with the scope defined in the Convention (Modularised Start Version, MSV). A cost cap of 1,262 million € (price level 2005) was determined, plus site-related costs of 95 million € already borne by Germany. Thus the overall cost frame was fixed at 1,357 million €. The Council expects construction of the MSV within this budget and will actively accompany project progress and intensively follow the cost development. In 2019, the project will be subject to an external review.


The FAIR management was asked to pursue project execution as fast as possible and in a reasonable stepwise approach in order to enable first FAIR experiments at the earliest possible stage. On the basis of the available funds, construction of the facility up to the MSV can thus be realised following the strategy outlined by the Management. The FAIR Council obligated the management again to economical project execution.


The shareholders have committed themselves to providing the financial means required for the project. For the first step of realisation with additional costs of 158 million € (price level 2005) compared to the original planning, the shareholders will confirm their obligation in the first half of 2016. The funds for the MSV shall be provided from 2019 onwards and be released after the review mentioned above.


The scientific significance of FAIR was highlighted once more by the Council and it reinforced its full support for the FAIR project. Subsequent to the meeting, the Council Chair expressed his full confidence in the management to successfully lead the project into realisation now.

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