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Construction site facilities mobilised

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This rotary drilling rig weighs 140 tons. Photo by Hans-Peter Semmler for FAIR.

February 2013 – In the course of the coming weeks, central areas of the construction site facilities are to be mobilised. The first work in this respect is taking place in the upper, northern area of the construction site, which is accessible for construction site traffic from the western section of Prinzenschneise. Prior to the preparation of the site, the surface soil has to be stripped so that ballast can be laid and compressed. Thus the necessary soil strength is established, making it possible to erect office and warehouse containers (for tools and equipment).


The inner construction roads are now being gradually established. Due to the soil properties the construction company will have to wait until the weather improves.

Heavy plant in operation
A rotary drilling rig for the installation of the drilled piles has already been delivered. With a maximum of four such devices the holes are to be bored for some 1,400 armoured concrete drilled piles in the next two years. “The drilled piles will stabilise the subsurface so that the later FAIR structures sit evenly”, explains Dr. Patrick Altmüller, who is coordinating and supervising the drilled pile work at FAIR. Drilling will begin shortly. Depending upon the location of offices, it may also be audible.


The first bore holes give the specialist company commissioned with the work the possibility to examine and appraise the very specific soil conditions, and thus allow the drilling work to be amended and optimised accordingly.


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