FAIR construction site area “BE 1” completed soon

From 8 September onwards employees may use the construction site car park

Completing "BE1"

The construction site area “BE1” is located to the south of the GSI car park “P”. Alongside BE1 is a storage area for top soil (M) which originates from the site area. (Photo and graphics: Markus Bernards for FAIR)

The car park in front of the future southern FAIR construction site gate will be completed soon. The asphalted “BE 1” area will offer around 250 parking spaces for construction workers employed on the FAIR site, short-stay parking spaces for courier services, as well as three holding areas for trucks. Thus the last major construction site logistics area will be completed. At peak times as many as 500 workers will be employed on the FAIR construction site at any one time. Following approval of the car park by FAIR it is expected that as of 8 September GSI and FAIR employees may use the construction site car park until it is required for the FAIR construction site.


As space is at a premium the construction site logistics is one of the major challenges on the FAIR construction site: Construction materials and machinery, site trailers and a cement mixing plant all have to be positioned close to the where the FAIR building and tunnel are being constructed. For this reason a number of construction site areas are foreseen for the site, with cars assigned to the area in front of the construction site gate.


Construction site traffic is being directed around the site in a circular route on the narrow roads: A truck with gravel, for example, approaches BE 1 via the southern construction site road and then reports at the site gate. It then enters the construction site, unloads the gravel at the cement mixing plant and leaves the construction site via the northern site road and Messeler-Park-Strasse.

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