FAIR construction preparations:

New access route to GSI parking area

Map: Alternative route to reach GSI parking area

Beginning Tuesday, April 24 traffic to the GSI parking area will be redirected via the new southern construction road (passing the electric power station), as the northern roads Messeler-Park-Str. and Prinzenschneise, will underog a road strengthening of load carrying capacity (see map). For this reason, part of Messeler-Park-Str. and Prinzenschneise (barbecue area (Grillh├╝tte) to the FAIR building site) have to be temporarily closed.

As the southern construction road has only one lane (width: 4 meters), traffic lights will control the traffic flow. The northern construction road is expected to be finished in June, 2012, making it once again accessible for GSI and FAIR employees. We apologise for any inconvenience.

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