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Successful start of computing in the Green IT Cube

Inside Green IT Cube (Photo: Gaby Otto)

The first step of moving the GSI computing centres into the Green IT Cube was completed successfully. Since the end of March the high-performance computer L-CSC has found a new home in the fifth floor of the building which will house the scientific computing centre for FAIR and GSI. At the same time the CPU-based Kronos computer cluster as well as a Lustre storage system with 7.1 petabyte has been installed in the sixth floor of the Green IT Cube. These systems will be used in combination with the high-performance computer L-CSC. The three-dimensional layout inside the Green IT Cube has already resulted in optimizations in the networking area, e.g. to faster signal propagation times by shortening the cable lengths.


The computing in the Green IT Cube started directly after the move. Scientific data gained in the HADES and ALICE experiments are since then analysed. Also the theory division now uses the new computing centre for calculations.


In autumn additional servers will be moved into the Green IT Cube in a next step. To deactivate old components in other computing centres and switch to new high-performance hardware is part of the plan. This will greatly improve the energy efficiency of GSI.


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